Samuel Vriezen: Recordings


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Pieces by Samuel Vriezen:

Vincent, Homesick for the Land of Pictures (2013)

Disaster Songs (2012)

Mixed Economy (2010)

20 Worlds (2005)

Eindig Stuk (2004)

Panoramic Variations (2004)

Between Chords (2006)

The Weather Riots (2002)

Terug! (2003)

Rachmaninov Tableau (2003)

Toccata VI (2003)

Possible World nr. 3 (2003)

Possible World nr. 5 (2003)

Toccata III (2001)

Begin (1995)

hakke tonen (2006, text by F. van Dixhoorn)

Other Recordings:

The Chord Catalogue (Tom Johnson)

Symmetries (Tom Johnson)

Blues (Dante Boon)

Five Simultaneous One Tone Pieces (Boon, van Eijden, Fulkerson, Voorvelt, Vriezen)

Phrygian Fantasy (Sweelinck, arr. for string quartet by Samuel Vriezen)

Twee Piepjes (F. van Dixhoorn, arr. for eight speakers by Samuel Vriezen)