Eindig Stuk


Eindig Stuk (2004)

(Samuel Vriezen)

Eindig Stuk
: Finite Piece.

This piece is about counting down. Section numbers run downwards instead of upwards; players count these numbers out loud.

The piece is structured as a sequence of blocks, in the present version running from 29 to 23. The odd-numbered blocks last 20 seconds each. The even-numbered blocks last 10 seconds x the block number, so 28 lasts 4'40", 26 lasts 4'20", 24 lasts 4'00". The electric guitar player counts out the block numbers.

Within each block, each of the string parts plays a number of count-down sequences (either 2 sequences of 6 counts, 3 of 5, 4 of 4 or 5 of 3). These sections, too, systematically get shorter.

The blocks and sequences within the blocks are articulated musically by a diversity of means, giving each block a unique character, though all blocks express the exact same counting structure.

The present version of the piece ends at block 23. Should the rest of the structure be composed out, the end of the piece will be 25 minutes and 20 seconds after the end of this version. The composer may or may not decide to extend the piece at a later date; it is possible that he will compose out blocks from among 22 to 1; possibly blocks 30, 31, ... will be added at the beginning of the piece.

The piece is finite, not finished.

Eindig Stuk was written for het Zephyr Kwartet en Wiek Hijmans and commissioned by the Dutch Fund for the Creation of Music (Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst).

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