Five Simultaneous One Tone Pieces


Five Simultaneous One Tone Pieces (2002)

(Cynthie van Eijden, Jim Fulkerson, Dante Oei, Martijn Voorvelt, Samuel Vriezen)

A pentatonic piece by five composers with a very unusual instrumentation, this performance was held for the occasion of a John Cage 90th birthday recital by Dante Oei. At the time, I had an interest in pentatonicism, and I wanted to make a project out of it. Dante came up with the idea of giving five composers one tone each and letting them write a piece, each for a different ensemble, using only that one tone - and then simply performing all five pieces at the same time. The pieces are G for John Cage by Jim Fulkerson (G), A Ritual by Samuel Vriezen (A), Reading John Cage by Cynthie van Eijden (E), XXXV. Pinocchio promette alla Fata di essere buono e di studiare, perché è stufo di fare il burattino e vuol diventare un bravo ragazzo. by Dante Oei (C), and D by Martijn Voorvelt (D). The total orchestra consists of flute, bass-clarinet, contrabassoon, violin, off-stage violin, bass guitar, electric guitar, four acoustic guitars, piano, three classical singers, one untrained singer and speaking voice.

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