Toccata III


Toccata III (2001) (fragment)

(Samuel Vriezen)

This piece, for 2 glockenspiels, was written for Duo Vertigo, which is the wonderful percussionists Claire Edwardes and Niels Meliefste. They have a CD which features this piece, so I'm only giving a fragment.

This is from my original program note:

Two Glockenspiele play similar lines in different tempi and cause the material to echo back and forth between the two of them. Each section uses a different selection of materials, interlocking them in generally simple, repetitive ways and causing diverse interferences (harmonic and contrapuntal relations) between the two voices. The result is a dense web of illusory voice leadings, types of motion and harmonic shadings. The sequences are interrupted by pauses and crumbs of solo writing.

Download Toccata III (beginning)