hakke tonen


hakke tonen I & II (2006)

(Samuel Vriezen, text by F. van Dixhoorn)

In 2006 I set the entire third book by poet F. van Dixhoorn,  a collection of 6 poems called takken molenwater/kastanje jo/hakke tonen/hakke tonen/uiterton/molen in de zon, commissioned by the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst. The setting was composed for an ensemble consisting of Dix, piano and vibraphone, and was intended for the poet himself to read.

Though the piece has been done a few times now, this is still the only recording I have. It's the first performance of the piece, with Dix reading and Dante Boon playing piano and Arnold Marinissen playing vibraphone, and the recording was made by me using less than perfect equipment. I'm offering the two hakke tonen movements, or 1/3 of the full piece.

Download hakke tonen I
Download hakke tonen II