Samuel Vriezen: Scores



These scores may be downloaded for free, on condition that you contact the composer about any performance.

                  The Weather Riots for any 2 or more high instruments
                  Within Fourths / Within Fifths for piano solo
                  Between Chords for string quartet
                  2 Suites for violin and piano
                  Crawling for any group of instruments, any duration

                  Ten Readers for ten readers with .mp3-players, reading ten independently chosen books
                  Motet, polytextual frenzy for three speakers each bringing their own text
                  4 Weeks / 16 Minutes documentary actions for four performers

Sites Series (prose scores)

                  Ensemble for any four or more instruments
                  Local Orchestra for any large number of pitched, sustaining instruments spread out evenly across a large performance space.


                  Phrygian Fantasy (J. P. Sweelinck, arr. for string quartet by Samuel Vriezen)

Mail Order

Contact Samuel Vriezen if you wish to acquire scores.

At the moment, the following scores are available. Prices do not include shipping!
(If you are interested in scores for other works, please contact me for specifics.)


Toccata I
EUR 20

Possible Worlds nr. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
EUR 10

2 Stille

20 Worlds (for two pianos)
EUR 40

Within Fourths / Within Fifths
EUR 30


Toccata III (2 Glockenspiels)
EUR 25

Toccata IIIb: News from the Sun (2 Glockenspiels or 2 other identical instruments)
EUR 10

2 Suites (violin and piano)
EUR 20

Panoramic Variations (2 flutes, clarinet, bass clarinet, 2 trombones - parts only)
EUR 20

Eindig Stuk (string quartet, electric guitar - parts only)
EUR 40

Seizoenen (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion)
EUR 50 (incl. parts)

Between Chords (string quartet)
EUR 10

Worlds and Harmony (fl, amplif. rec, cl, bass cl, tp, pf, vib, vn, va, vc, db, gamba - parts only)
EUR 80

Phrygian Fantasy (string quartet)
J. P. Sweelinck, arr. Samuel Vriezen
EUR 35 (incl. parts)

Mixed Economy, Worlds on Four Planes (2 sx, tbn, pf, perc, e-gtr)
EUR 50 (incl. parts)


Motet (3 speakers)
EUR 15

Situation Hockets (3 speakers)
EUR 15

takken molenwater/kastanje jo/hakke tonen/hakke tonen/uiterton/molen in de zon (Dix or reciter, pf, vib)
EUR 25

Sept Germes Cristallins (voice and 3 instruments, text by Paul Valéry)
EUR 15


The Weather Riots (2 or more high instruments)
EUR 20

The Peace Talks (any improvising double ensemble & exhibition)
EUR 20

Crawling (modular and extendable music for any ensemble, any duration)
EUR 10