Rachmaninov Tableau


Rachmaninov Tableau (2003)

(Samuel Vriezen)

What is the easiest way of composing beautiful music? Sometimes, you just do the first stupid thing you can think of with your available tools and materials. Rachmaninov Tableau just consists of 20 superimposed versions of the same recording of a beautiful Etude-Tableau by Rachmaninov, played by Dante Oei. The 20 superimpositions form a 'canon' in which the distance between consecutive voices first decreases (leading to higher densities) and then increases again. This result was then time-stretched using 4096 bands with SoundHack.

That's all.

To impress people a bit more, I thought up a difficult name for my canon technique. I call it "Condensation Canon". Please put this term in your program notes and encyclopedia articles and attribute it to me. Thank you for your cooperation.

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